Since 1999, SHE has been the most referred and trust payments consultant in the card-not-present credit card processing industry. There are very few merchant account related issues or concerns SHE can’t solve.

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Her Experience

Patricia Timeline

Patricia Timeline

Internet Commerce Launches

Patricia starts here, working to help the porn industry iron out the kinks in newly-minted e-commerce world. Before PayPal and even before Google, Patricia was paving the FinTech path.

Time Magazine Digitizes

Time selects and implements a micropayments and DRM payment processing platform to digitize and charge for their archives, with Patricia as their advisor.

Patricia Works with Lucasfilms

Patricia consults for the Lucasfilm team in Merin County, CA to select a scalable merchant account solution for the launch of the subscription portion of

Patricia Helps Sony Music

Patricia provides Sony with a front- and backend payments platform that enables their recording artists to accept payments for their individual fan clubs.

Patricia works with High Risk Merchants

Patricia continues to work with outside-of-the-box merchants who have unique business models and have a hard time obtaining a merchant account.

Your Partner in Payments

Patricia Carlin is the leading authority in card-not-present (CNP) payment card processing and merchant account placement. She has helped merchants of all kinds process billions of dollars in e-commerce transactions since 1999. She specializes in working with online merchants that have complex or dynamic business models and that are not well understood by traditional banks.

SheIsPayments is the payments consulting arm of MerchACT, a leading merchant account services provider. Together, SheIsPayments and MerchACT offer an edge to merchants by providing comprehensive and unrivaled merchant account management, including payments consulting, strategy, go-to-market and managed growth, all under one roof.

SHE has worked with clients in almost every industry, including well-known online classified websites, dating sites and free trial companies.  Merchants choose She Is Payments because it is comprised of a solid team of payments experts who offer industry-leading payment processing solutions, including stable, secure, cost-efffective merchant accounts.

Merchant Account Managment
Merchant Account Placement
High Risk Merchants
Global Expansion

Principles of our work


SHE provides open and honest guidance for merchant account placement and management. All processing fees are disclosed up-front and there are no application or setup fees.


SHE employs a very systematic approach to grow your volume and keep your relationship in good standing with selected merchant account providers.


SHE uses industry expertise to help merchants avoid high processing fees, bulky payment processing platforms, fraud and chargeback issues, and possible merchant account termination.

Best-in-Class Payments Solutions

More than just payment processing, SHE offers ongoing payments management and support to keep your payments streamlined, secure and optimized.


Connectivity options including Virtual Terminal, API and more


Customer service and technical support teams for a smooth set-up


Processing in GBP, EUR, CAD, USD, and more


Convenient online, real-time transaction reporting

Web Interface

Streamlined Web interface to process MO/TO from anywhere with internet

Fast Payment

Provide us your bank account details and choose the payment schedule that is right for you


Sophisticated fraud-detection system to reduce unauthorized orders


No need to change your current banking relationships

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All of our merchant account and payment processing solutions are available with Merchant Account Manager™. We get you setup and can help you manage your merchant account relationship, from vendor selection to volume management and fraud and chargeback prevention. We act as your merchant advocate. 

Low Risk Merchant Accounts

SHE works with merchant of all types in all industries, big and small. Get placed today.

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High Risk Merchant Accounts

From Online Dating to MLM and Free Trial merchant accounts. SHE can get you placed.

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Merchant Account Manager

SHE manages Your Merchants Accounts so you can Focus on your business.

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Payments Guidance for Tech Startups

SHE helps tech startups get setup and acts as an advisor to streamline payments operations.

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Dating Merchant Fraud & Chargeback

Breakup with chargebacks for good! Online dating merchants are extremely susceptible to chargebacks. Download this template to get back on track with your merchant bank.

Consultant Chargeback Reduction Plan Template

Stop chargebacks & keep merchant accounts active! Chargebacks can be a death sentence for merchants. Download this template to breath life into your business with the help of a consultant.

Chargeback Reduction Plan Template

Are you on notice for chargebacks? Fighting chargebacks can feel like facing the firing squad. We can help. Download this template to quickly outline your chargeback reduction strategy.

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