She Is Payments specializes in helping businesses obtain high risk merchant accounts. SHE does this well because she understands this merchant base better than most processors. SHE uses 14 years of high-risk merchant account placement success to solve the problems of these merchants. SHE believes in transparency and accountability, which is why she has enjoyed long and successful relationships with both our clients and our banking partners.


The Reality for High Risk Merchants

  1. High risk e-commerce merchants both domestic and abroad have difficulty finding CNP credit card processing solutions.
  2. Banks that are willing to work with these merchants and take on additional risk often charge very high transaction fees and require reserves.
  3. Processor ecosystem is undergoing a drastic change due to pressure from the FTC against complex business models like multi-level marketing (MLM) and direct response. The result is a reluctance to engage any merchant that isn’t low-risk.


High Risk Merchant Accounts

We have carefully selected banks that truly understand the nature of high risk accounts and are willing to work with these merchants in a fair and stable way. Our consultant review select business criteria (location, business model, current volume, chargeback ratios, TMF issues, credit score, etc.) to match you with a bank that provides the best long-term solution for your unique situation.

Our cornerstone is accountability and transparency. This means we will fully disclose all processing fees from the start and will not require application or upfront fees to submit and process your merchant account application. We don’t believe in the “Bait and Switch” business model of many merchant account placement providers. In fact, we position ourselves as your partner and advocate, always working to your benefit and in your favor. We understand the rigorous work required to get a merchant account live as well as the upstanding reputation required to work with the best banks in the industry and we have what it takes to deliver the best high risk merchant accounts options to you.


Merchant Termination Solutions

Merchant Account Termination Remedial Strategy

She Is Payments specializes in helping merchants who have had their high risk merchant accounts terminated. The same set of scenarios play out time and time again:


Scenario 1

A sales agent offers you (a merchant with complex business model) a merchant account, knowing that this will raise flags. Despite this and after an extensive review, the account will be approved by underwriting. Shortly after you begin processing transactions, you receive a notification that Risk Management reviewed the account and has deemed that it is not an acceptable business type.


Scenario 2

You know how to market your product or service very well and volume grows quickly. After one of these volume spikes, you receive a call from your agent telling you that all your funds will be held until the provider sees a more stable volume pattern. This leaves you without funds, and subsequently, unable to operate your business.

We’ve seen both of these scenarios a thousand times. The aftermath is ugly: merchants are told they have 30 days to move their business (without cause) and end up scrambling to find a new bank, which often results in having your private financial information shopped around to dozens of agents/banks.


How She Is Payments Helps

We help you select the right banking partners from Day 1. We understand the complex and dynamic nature of operating a higher risk business model (Direct Response, MLM, Adult, Free Trial, High Volume, etc.) and can help you migrate your volume to achieve long-term processing stability. We review your business’ criteria and carefully select new banks for your business. In tandem, we also work with your existing merchant account provider to strategically transition you to the new bank(s) without causing a spike in chargebacks or a disruption to services.