The Merchant Account Manager Most Businesses Don’t Have

Problem: High volume merchants, start-ups, and merchants with multiple merchant accounts quickly find that managing their merchant account relationship(s) can be a full-time job.

Solution: SHE will manage your merchant account relationship, ensure you have enough volume, and work with your banks should chargeback or fraud issues arise. SHE is your merchant advocate.


SHE Is the Preferred Merchant Account Manager

She Is Payments provides full-service payments consulting to card-not-present (CNP) businesses. Payment processing is an increasingly complex aspect of business that impacts both the top and bottom lines. SHE acts as your go-to expert resource for cost-effective, streamlined and optimized merchant solutions.

SHE has 14+ years of experience working solely with e-commerce merchants and understands the dynamic CNP space better than the average merchant service company.  One of the biggest differentiators SHE provides is ongoing payments support to ensure your payment operations is streamlined at every step of the transaction lifecycle. SHE works as a merchant account manager alongside your team to assist with merchant account acquiring needs including contact and service negotiations. Once you go live, we become part of the escalation team and follow up periodically to ensure you are getting the level of service we expect from our merchant bank partners.

We help merchants reclaim lost time so they can focus on their core business. SHE acts as a dedicated payments expert who oversees your merchant account and payment platform relationships. Additionally, SHE provides chargeback and fraud mitigation, including chargeback reduction plans and advocacy at the bank level. SHE will act as a merchant account manager to keep your merchant accounts live and continue to find new banks.