Growth Hack Your Way to Better Payments…from Day ONE

You understand high growth models, so why don’t your payments operations follow suit?

Augment your lean team with a strategic growth-minded payments expert

You’re an entrepreneur and you’re operating on limited resources. Your lean team consists of maybe one person to handle payments….and whatever else gets dropped on their plate.

Working with a lean team is essential to startup success. That said, if payments operations are stealing time away from focus on the core business, you won’t grow.

I get it and I’m here to help you streamline operations and catapult your growth.

I’ll fill you in on a secret that most other startups don’t know (people aren’t talking about this because it’s been a point of failure for many startups sitting where you are today).

You need to make payments a part of your strategic growth.

Here’s why:

💀 Without streamlined payments operations, you’ll fail: 82 percent of businesses that fail do so because of cash flow problems

💀 Without protection, you stand to lose 240% of your profits: Chargeback fraud cost merchants a devastating $2.40 for every $1 lost

💀 Without a differentiated shopping & payment experience, startups miss out on capitalizing on the $2.2 trillion global ecommerce opportunity.

You don’t have to fail. Let’s streamline your payments operations and plan your strategic growth together.

Work with me and you’ll get:

✓ Custom CV and Executive Summary to get you approved for a merchant account right away

✓ Waived merchant application fee

✓ Tiered gateway included

✓ Hands-on consulting for launch

✓ Tailored, hand-picked selection of fraud tools suited for your business

✓ ONE YEAR of ongoing merchant account management – FREE


Price: $295