Salvage Your Banking Relationships

Chargebacks are harmful to any merchant – no matter the size, type or business model. With CNP fraud on pace to exceed $7 billion by 2020, merchants must be more vigilant than ever in protecting themselves against true and friendly fraud. Unfortunately, for some merchants, it’s almost too late.

If you’re a high risk merchant that has run into hot water with your acquirer, download the Chargeback Reduction Letter Template to get back on track right away. If you’ve been placed on a chargeback “watch” list, this letter could mean the difference between saving your business or merchant account termination.

Easy to Use, Ready to Send

This template can be used as a letter to your merchant bank. Simply add the details surrounding your chargeback action plan and send to your merchant bank account representative.

  • Includes intro explaining that you value the partnership
  • Includes language about chargeback action points
  • Send and get back in good standing