Stop Chargebacks & Keep Merchant Accounts Active

Chargebacks can be a death sentence for merchants. Acquiring and merchant bank relationships are put in jeopardy, revenue is threatened and you have the potential to lose your processing privileges. Most merchants don’t know what to do when chargebacks become a real problem.

Supercharge Your Chargeback Reduction Plan

If you’re a high risk merchant that has hit a chargeback wall, there is a solution. Working with a consultant can kick your chargeback ratio back in gear. Download the Consultant Chargeback Reduction Plan Template below and see how having an advocate manage your banking relationships can get you out of trouble and back into business.

  • Working with a consultant demonstrates to your bank that you value the partnership
  • A consultant advisor can create a plan and implement chargeback action points – and communicate that to the bank
  • Having a full-time advocate frees you up to focus on your core business

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